Wendy Birse

Wendy Birse is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer, EMO Master Practitioner Trainer, Modern Energy Healer Trainer & Modern Stress Management Trainer in Balbeggie, Perth and Kinross, Scotland


Council Funding for Modern Energy Tapping with Kids

GoE Trainer Wendy Birse and colleague Lesley Shardlow have obtained public funding for their project in Perth, Scotland, which introduces Modern Energy Tapping to children at nurseries, playgroups and primary schools in their area.

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Posted Mar 28, 2018

GoE2016 - P08 - Modern Stress Management – In Just Ten Words! with Wendy Birse

Stress is undesirable but highly prevalent in our 21st century lives. Finding ways to spot early signs of its effects and then taking action to avoid spiralling out of control seems sensible and healthy to me.

I’m going to introduce you to five familiar words beginning with ‘A’ and five beginning with ‘R’ which help guide us through the ups and downs of the roller coaster of life. Drawing on the Energy Body Stress Chart and the SUE Scale, we’ll consider how we feel and what we do – and learn how to choose those feelings and actions to become the best energists we can be!

Posted Jan 17, 2018

GoE 2016 Energy Conference Recordings

Presentations recorded live at the the GoE Energy Conference 2016, Eastbourne UK.

Posted Dec 7, 2016

The Energist - Vol 2016.3.1 - Energy EFT Foundation

Spring 2016 edition of The Energist magazine.

Posted Mar 19, 2016

The Energist - Vol 2015.2.4 - Harvesting From The Tree of Lights

Autumn 2015 edition of The Energist magazine.

Posted Sep 1, 2015

A Colourful Conclusion - MODERN Stress Management Case Story

In this Modern Stress Management (MSM) case story, Wendy Birse helps a client get to +10 on the SUE Scale and improves her attitude and energy towards keeping appointments and managing her diary.

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Posted Aug 3, 2015

The Energist - Vol 2015.2.2 - Project Sanctuary

Spring 2015 edition of The Energist magazine.

Posted Apr 9, 2015

EFT Case Story: Scared at Bedtime

This case story comes from Wendy Birse. In this story we learn see how a child of 7 used tapping to help settle himself to sleep after a film made him so scared he felt like he was having a heart attack! There is also a little help from Big Ted!

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Posted Feb 10, 2014

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