Wendy Birse


Wendy is an EFT and Energy in Motion Master Practitioner and also qualified as a trainer, offering courses in Scotland until 2018.  Her Energy EFT Master Practitioner, Energy in Motion Master Practitioner, and Modern Stress Management students made these comments:

"Wendy as a trainer is inspirational, knowledgeable, emotional and funny, which has resulted in a truly life changing experience."  EFT Master Practitioner student, June 2016

"Wendy is excellent, she has a wonderful way of teaching and bringing in her own experiences to make it even more interesting." EFT Master Practitioner student, March 2015

'Wendy is open, sensitive and so knowledgeable.' Energy EFT Foundation course student, February 2017

Clients continue to work with Wendy at her home in rural Perthshire.  Energy work is her passion and she believes it belongs firmly in every day life, in every family and every workplace.  Accompanying people on their journeys of personal discovery as they meet and learn to work with their energy bodies brings Wendy huge delight.  'Having a job which makes me laugh, and makes my cheeks ache from smiling so much is like a dream come true,' she says, 'and sending people away on cloud 9 after a session makes me feel great!'  A recent Energy EFT Master Practitioner student commented:

"The three day course felt...like a whole new journey of self-discovery, realising there is more to me than I thought in so many ways, and so much more to other people.  Not only did I learn and understand Energy EFT, but I felt it and experienced it.  It's produced a wonderful shift in my being, my way of thinking, my understanding of others, my way of seeing what is achievable and how - and this potential feels limitless.  Undertaking the course is like receiving a gift. Your delivery, kindness, energy and understanding are key to this process and I feel that YOU are the reason this course and experience has worked so well for me.  It's not just the knowledge you impart, but the way you do it that is so important, and you have it exactly right.  It was such a lot to take in, understand and experience... but you kept me going, gave me confidence, support, kindness and energy... EFT is now part of my life and I will incorporate it both personally and professionally as much as possible - it feels like a key."

As a Modern Stress Management Facilitator Wendy introduces stress reduction and performance enhancement techniques into workplaces and other organisations.

Wendy is more than happy to meet people, in person or on line, to facilitate improvements in energy flow, health and happiness.



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